— Intergalactic radiative transfer in adaptively refined cosmological simulations

IGMtransfer is a numerical code written in Fortran 90/95, intended for simulating the radiative transfer (RT) through the intergalactic medium (IGM) of light in the vicinity of the Lyα line. Originally written to investigate how the IGM close to Lyα emitting galaxies affects the emission line, it can also be used to ascertain the general transmission properties of the IGM, thus making it useful in simulations of cosmic reionization.

The RT is performed in a (possibly adaptively refined) cell-based structure, in either a "box", or a spherical subvolume. Optionally, dust may be included in the simulations.

Download all the required files in the .tar file (or get them individually) and put them in your favorite directory. If you download the code, I'd be happy to receive a notification at , so that I have an idea of who are using it.

For applications of IGMtransfer leading to publications, please cite
Intergalactic Transmission and its Impact on the Lyα Line,
Laursen, P., Sommer-Larsen, J., & Razoumov, A. O. 2011, ApJ, 728, 52


IGMtransfer and its associated programs are free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License, i.e. it may be freely distributed, copied, and even modified, as long as any changes in distributed versions are indicated.

IGMtransfer does not come with any warranty.

IGMtransfer is my first published code. If you discover a bug, if anything is unclear, or if you have suggestions on how to present it more clearly, please let me know at .

To do list:

• Implement identification of absorber systems, determining the distribution of their column densities.
• Publish code to interpolate parameters from SPH simulation to AMR grid.