Things that fill my mind


Some day I'll construct a full, 3D, interactive family tree.
Till then, you'll have to stick with this.


I'm a huge fan of music. I like twee, indie-pop/-rock/-tronica, lo-fi, DYI, shoegaze, postrock, and old-fashioned punk and heavy. I do not like techno, mainstream pop, emo, modern heavy, and pop-metal with a twist of Christianity.

I also play various instruments (mostly guitar, but also harmonica, melodica, trumpet, accordion, ukulele, flute) in a nice and friendly band called Ampel. You should check it out.
  •   • Ampel (my band)
  •   • My profile (If you would like to see which music I'm listening to at the moment)
  •   • A list of my favorite albums
  •   • Astrosongs (a Spotify playlist of the songs from my library that are more or less vaguely related to astronomy. It's actually a quite good list, so go ahead and listen to it)

  • Sports

    Prior to my studies, I was a bike messenger for several years. From 1996 to 2002, I competed in European and World Championships all over the world (on the winning team in Philadelphia 2000). Subsequently I rode in Frederiksberg Bane- og Landevejsklub (FBL).

    Nowadays, cycling has faded somewhat in favor of boxing in SIK Fight (club champion since 2016).

    Previously, I have exercised swimming, badminton, judo, and table tennis. I was never really any good at any of these sports, but I had fun. I once came in second in a table tennis championship, but we were only two teams competing, so there you go...

    Comic books

    I'm also a fan of comic books, which unfortunately is often viewed as inferior literature. Favorite artists include Enki Bilal, Hugo Prat, Claus Deleuran, Peter Madsen, Neil Gaiman, and Milo Manara.

    Webcomics are also fun. My favorite is Dinosaur Comics.

  •   • Incomplete list of my comic book collection
  •   • Dinosaur Comics
  •   • xkcd (also fun, especially if you are a physicist/mathematician/programmer that likes to feel just a little superior to others)
  •   • Dr. McNinja (he's a doctor and a ninja, and has his roots in Scotland
  •   • Salad Fingers (and other stuff from David Firth)

  • Rum

    Yummy. It tastes good. Here's a list (in Danish) of rums I've had.